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Makers of Beautiful Garden Tents and Marquees. Designed and made in Cornwall, UK.

Pole decoration in 24' x 34' marquee
Pole decoration in 50' x 30' marquee
Green & Blue Marquee

Beautiful Tents and Pavilions for your Garden


Our range of garden tents are perfect as an extra room in the garden for a barbeque or summer dinner party and children love them as play-rooms. 

All of our tents are either round with a centre pole; or round-end tents,which have two poles, a centre section and round ends.

We offer two basic designs: Standard Tents, and Pavilion Tents.

Standard Tents

Sizes start at 10' (3m) diameter through to 18'' (5.4m) and the sides are 6' (180cm) high, but can be made higher if needed.

The canopies are in one piece except for the 18' diameter which is laced on one side.

The canvas walls are in two or more sections and are fully removable, enabling the tent to be completely open, or one of the walls can be left in place as a wind break.

Pavilion Tents

Pavilion Tents are adapted from the standard tents but are hexagonal, octagonal or emerald instead of round shapes, have fewer side poles and allow up to 9' (2.7m) spacing instead of the usual 3' (1m) between the side poles. These tents can work out slightly cheaper than their standard counterparts. Special sizes can also be made, please let us know your requirements.


Wall hangings and linings can be made to fit your Belle Tent from materials of your choice.

All of these garden tents come complete with canopy, side walls, wooden poles, guy ropes, decorative turned wooden finials for the top of the wall poles, stakes, wooden pegs and storage bags for the canvas. It will be necessary to purchase either a small sledge hammer or heavy mallet to put up the tents, these are obtainable from builders merchants.

Please note: We make our tents and marquees only during the winter months and our order book is now full for this season. We will next be taking orders from 1st – 30th September 2016 for spring 2017 delivery. If you wish to have a tent made, email us so that you can be added to our pre-order list. Please call 01840 261556 or contact us for more information.

For summer 2016 Camp in a Belle Tent here at Owls Gate, North Cornwall.

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